Our Story

Our Story

Our Name

We chose the name Wienot (said "why-not") because it embodies our philosophy on life. Instead of asking why you should live your dreams, we say, "Why not!?" We know from first-hand experience that it's scary to sail off into the unknown, but we believe following your passion, telling your story, and living your dreams is worth the risk. Why not live life to the fullest? 


Our Philosophy

We love engaging visuals and gorgeous images. But first and foremost, we believe a great video starts with a compelling story. It's why we've found the best writers and storytellers in the business and why we spend so much time and energy on it at the beginning of our process. Sure, we could throw a script together without giving it much thought, but that's just not how we like to do things at Wienot Films. We believe your story matters!

Our Team

Want to learn more about Wienot Films and our team? You can listen to this Blurred Radio podcast or read this sports-focused article spotlighting our founder. Or you can enjoy this post to meet some of our team members.

Our Pricing

We believe your brand deserves a video the reflects your value. It should reflect your quality and professionalism. We also believe you deserve amazing service and a team that treats your video like it was their own. Our pricing is competitive, with our animated explainer videos usually starting around $5-6k. Live-action productions vary more widely, so are difficult to generalize. As a team who believes in giving back, we offer discounts for charities and nonprofits. If you value a team that provides premium quality and great service, Wienot Films is the video production company for you. 

Your Story

So now that you know all about us, get in touch so we can learn more about you and help you tell your story.