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The Power of Metaphors

At Wienot Films, we believe metaphors provide a simple, yet powerful tool to make complex ideas simple and easy to remember. This was illustrated recently in an explainer video we produced for the amazing team at Seagrove Rehab Partners. We needed a way to explain their new approach to in-house therapy at skilled nursing facilities. After considering different approaches, we settled on a metaphor that uses boating and the role of a captain to explain the traditional options for skilled nursing facilities and the value Seagrove offers.

After releasing the video, Seagrove shared some feedback they received about their explainer video

"Engaging... I watched to the end not expecting to... it was very clear." "This video is so freaking awesome! I love it! I must know who is responsible for this magic?"

Without a clear explanation and engaging metaphor, even the best animation would have had a hard time keeping the interest of the audience. That is the power of a good metaphor! It makes the explanation simple and clear...and engaging. If you want to connect with your audience, consider a metaphor for your next explainer video.


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