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Groundbreaking Animated Explainer Rap on Data Privacy Wins Tellys

Updated: May 24

AUSTIN, Texas, May 22, 2024 Wienot Films and Berkeley Research Group (BRG) achieved an impressive feat, winning five Telly Awards for their innovative rap-driven animated explainer video on data privacy. The groundbreaking video, designed to transform mundane company training into a fun and memorable experience, captured the hearts and minds of corporate audiences and the Telly judges alike, securing awards in the categories of Writing, 2D Animation, Education & Training, Employee Communications, and Training (for Corporate Use).

Wienot Films and BRG win 5 Telly Awards for their groundbreaking 2D animated rap explainer video on data privacy.
Wienot Films and BRG win 5 Telly Awards for groundbreaking animated explainer video rap on data privacy.

Founded in 1979, the Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens. This year's competition saw over 13,000 entries, representing work from some of the most respected ad agencies, television stations, and production companies from around the world. Wienot Films' collaboration with BRG stands out as a prime example of how fun and creative storytelling can help you elevate corporate training.

"The video's success is a testament to BRG's creative support and the team of talented and passionate storytellers at Wienot Films," remarked Marc Strong, the creative director for the project. "It's an honor to accept these Telly Awards on behalf of Wienot Films and our amazing team of writers, illustrators, animators, voiceover artists, sound designers, and musicians."

The project began with a bold vision from BRG, seeking to revolutionize corporate training on data privacy. "When we first talked to BRG about this project, we knew we wanted something that would stand out," Strong explained "When our senior writer pitched the idea of an animated rap, I had a moment of hesitation because of the inherent risk in going outside the box and pushing the limits of creativity. But I'm grateful that BRG supported us in doing so. The end result exceeded everyone's expectations."

Wienot Films' senior writer ran with the idea, developing a clever rap that simplifies complex data privacy principles into a fun animated explainer video. With a little experimentation, our voiceover actor turned rapper found the perfect tone and pacing, reminiscent of the humorous style of Shy Ronnie from SNL.

The creative team drew inspiration from characters like Kevin from The Office to capture the essence of a straight-laced, yet relatable, corporate trainer. Fun illustrations, snappy animations, and immersive sound design brought the entire project to life, making data privacy training something employees not only tolerated, but enjoyed.

Wienot Films expressed their gratitude to BRG for the opportunity to work on such a creative project. "BRG's support and vision allowed us to push the boundaries of traditional corporate training and deliver something truly exceptional," Strong noted.

The Telly Awards celebrate the best work in the video medium, from television to digital video, and Wienot Films and BRG's animated explainer rap is a testament to the power of creativity in transforming corporate training.

Contact Wienot Films to learn more about their award-winning animated video production services, or BRG to super charge your corporate training and compliance.

Data Privacy Explainer Video Rap

About Wienot Films

Wienot Films is a creative video production company specializing in animated explainer videos that simplify complex ideas into concise, memorable, easy-to-understand stories. Based in Austin, Texas, with offices in New York and Melbourne, they serve customers around the world and have produced videos in more than a half dozen languages. Visit to learn more their award-winning animation production services.

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