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Passionate Storytellers Creating Explainer Videos

Delivering simplicity, clarity, and fun takes a passionate team of creatives here at Wienot Films. We're fortunate to work with a talented group of writers, illustrators, animators, composers, and voice actors to deliver explainer videos that clearly and concisely tell your story in the most engaging ways possible. Whether you want one of our hand-drawn whiteboard videos or our polished computer animations, we put our heart and soul into everything we create. Here is a little about some of the core members of our team! 

MARC | Creative Chief Marc is the crazy visionary behind Wienot Films. Founding the company on the idea that life is better when you live your dreams, he’s still passionately involved with every client project. When not working or playing with his kids, you might find him on his bicycle exploring Austin’s hills or in the middle of a local race...or occasionally sleeping. JON | Story Czar

Jon is the brilliant mastermind behind many of our best story ideas. He is also the self-proclaimed least fit member of the Wienot Films team. While others are cycling and jogging, he enjoys eating eclairs and jiggling his belly with his hands to make his belly button talk. He is a successful Disney screenwriter, a published author and professor, and a passionate defender of the period belonging inside the quotation marks.

JAMES | Visual Artisan James started drawing as a kid and never got the memo that being an artist isn’t a “real” job. He has a rare gift for making whiteboard drawings look easy and boring things fun. When not drawing or playing with his eight kids, you might find him...well, actually with eight kids there’s no time for anything else!

LINNE | Master Wordsmith Linne is an award-winning author and ardent defender of the Oxford comma. Linne somehow finds time to read 50-plus novels a year while raising four (sometimes feral) kids. A fan of "glamping," her love of nature and being dirty is matched only by her craving for a hot shower and working toilet. When she’s not feeding or ferrying her kids to activities, you might find her hiding in her closet devouring chocolate chips while developing griping plot lines for future projects. ERICA | Master Wordsmith While most people are fast forwarding through the commercials, as an experienced ad writer, Erica thinks they're the best part of watching TV. Her fearlessness was earned teaching writing to more than 1,000 8th-graders using her acclaimed curriculum. Perhaps thanks to her life-long training as a classical pianist, or perhaps thanks to her natural intellect, she makes it look easy to digest detailed information and turn it into engaging storylines. An early riser and mother of two, she considers coffee the most important food group of her day. SUZY | Master Wordsmith  Suzy is our shortest team member but arguably the toughest one in the group. She’s also the brains behind many of our videos. She takes large amounts of complex material and makes it digestible and coherent. When not crafting thoughtful scripts or teaching university classes, you might find her running a marathon or even an ultramarathon...for fun...on her birthday! STEPHANIE | Animation Jedi A talented and experienced animator, Steph is the creative genius behind some of our most polished and beautiful animations. With a unique ability to craft just about any style of artwork, if you can dream it, chances are that she can create it. Being an animator gives her license to be a big kid, which she says suits her perfectly. She's loved animation for as long as she can remember. When not busy amazing clients with her artistic and animation capabilities, you might find her hiking or cutting the rug in ballroom dancing competitions. MARCO | Animation Jedi With a knack for simple, clean art, Marco's the master animator behind many of our modern animation styles. His passion for trying new things is reflected in his artistic work and his travels around the world. When not creating his next video masterpiece, you might find him enjoying the scenery and grabbing a coffee at a nearby cafe. RYAN | Musical Maestro Ryan has a natural ability to connect with the emotional context of the story. Whether crafting that humorous moment, conveying technical complexity, or building to an emotional ending, Ryan seems to always get it just right. KEVIN | Musical Maestro A talented musician with a degree in music business, Kevin plays saxophone, piano, and guitar. He first came to us as a valued client before we realized the breath of his musical capabilities. While not writing music, you might find him out running, spending time at the beach, or Kayaking with his lovely wife.  



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