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How to Create Enchanted Messages

Guy Kawasaki's new book Enchantment includes some great recommendations for creating "short, simple, and swallowable" messages (pgs. 45-47):

  • Use Tricolons - a sentence with three parts of equal length; e.g. "Be sincere, be brief, be seated." - FDR

  • Use Metaphors - figurative comparisons like, Band-Aids are "your child's new bodyguard."

  • Use Similes - comparisons of two things that are introduced with like or as; e.g. "Taking drugs is like playing with fire."

  • Keep it Short - short phrases are "memorable and repeatable."

  • Stay Positive - scare tactics can backfire.

  • Show Respect - don't insult people's intelligence or otherwise disrespect them.

What can kill a good message? He lists two things:

  • Design by committee.

  • A lost sense of reality caused by an over enthusiasm for one's cause.

My takeaway for creating a great message:

Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it honest.

If you need help creating an explainer video with an enchanted message, contact Wienot Films today!


Disclosure: Guy Kawasaki personally posted my video Powerful (Powerpoint) Presentations: Simply Stated to his site after I sent it to him and asked him to watch it. In a subsequent email exchange with him I promised to read his book. I did not, however, promise to blog about it. This post is done purely because I thought the content was worth sharing and at the very least is a simple way for me to go back and review some of its highlights.

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