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Telly Award-Winning Animation Studio

Animation, 2D, Award, Telly Awards
Wienot Films is a Telly Award Winner for Excellence in Animation

At Wienot Films, we're passionate about creating compelling explainer videos that use engaging stories and fun animations to connect with the audience. That's why we were so pleased to learn that the 2018 Telly Awards recognized one of our creative animations from last year. It was a fun dream sequence we made for Nest Bedding to match with an original song they commissioned for the video. It was a project we worked on in cooperation with a live-action film company out of San Francisco. It's not often that we get to animate black holes and goopy monsters, so this video was a special treat for us as creatives. We hope you give it a watch, go buy an Easy Breather pillow from Nest Bedding, and then give us a call for your next animated explainer video! Now, enjoy the show...



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