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Technology Simplified

It's not easy to simplify a powerful technology tool into a concise explainer video. When doing so, you typically have a choice between showing exactly how the tool works, a bit like a tutorial video, or capturing its essence. For explainer videos, we usually prefer keeping the explanation high level, which means capturing the important aspects of the tool, without getting bogged down in the fine details.

That's exactly what we did for Accelex, which offers a powerful tool for private market investors wanting to extract a wide range of data from their investment documents. Accelex uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to complete the heavy lifting of data acquisition from unstructured content. Rather than create an exact replica of their user interface, we opted to show highlights of what it can do. Using this approach not only makes it easier for the viewer to understand the powerful capabilities of the financial tool, it also gives Accelex flexibility to adjust their user interface down the road without making the video feel dated. The end result is a video with a longer shelf life.

So, with that introduction, we hope you enjoy this explainer video for Accelex.


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