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TED-Ed Whiteboard Animation

After months of waiting, it's exciting to finally see our TED Education video live. It was one of the initial videos released by TED-Ed. For those of you who haven't heard of the organization, you can watch this short teaser video that explains it. Essentially it's a new educational initiative of TED--knowing for their world-famous TED Talks--that is commissioning short lessons and videos to aid teachers and educate students around the world. We're glad to see TED furthering the cause of education. It's a noble cause!

We were fortunate to work on an interesting story about the "father of containerization," Malcom McLean. Our charge was to develop visuals to support the preexisting story and audio voiceover. The project was a collaboration with our friends at, who commissioned us to make the video. I think my favorite scene is probably the day to night one about half way into the video. It was challenging to create with so many layers as shown in the timeline below, but it was fun to see the final outcome.

With that introduction, we hope you enjoy this fun whiteboard animation about Malcom McLean and the advent of containerization.

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